We export a variety of coffees from different regions of Costa Rica, such as Valle Central, Tres Rios, Turrialba, Orosi, Brunca, Tarrazu.

Growing Regions


The region is made up of the Alajuela, Guanacaste, and Puntarenas provinces. The coffee plantations are located in the mountain zones with cooler temperatures. The soil is volcanic, extremely fertile, and has an excellent structure.

Tres Rios

The coffee plantations are located near the Irazu Volcano at an altitude range of 1200 to 1560 mass. The soil has a small tropical acidity caused by the volcano; it is rich with organic matter. The soil characteristic allows the good root development, holding moisture and facilitating the oxygen flow, supplying vitality to the tree.


This region is characterized by having farms that are simultaneously cultivating coffee, cacao, and banana. The altitude range is between 600 to 1300; masl. Caturra and Catuai varieties are cultivated in this region.


Coffee has been grown for more than 100 years in Orosi. The fertile land and excellent climate conditions permit the coffee-growing activities. The farms are located at an altitude range of 1000–14000 masl. Volcanic soil and high fertility.


Tarrzu accounts for nearly 35% of the total coffee production in Costa Rica. The altitudes of 1000¨C1800m produce some of the most nuanced coffee profiles in Costa Rica. Tarrazu has been home to some of the most impressive advancements in the coffee processing in the country, and the result is extremely clean coffees. Tarrazu is able to produce extremely high qualities of larger lots of coffee in addition to micro lots.

Central Valley

The Central Valley comprises San Jose, Heredia and Alajuela provinces. The region is characterized by having a well-defined wet and dry season. The coffee plantations are at a range of 1000 to 14000 mass. The Central Valley yields nearly 15% of the total production in the country.

West Valley

The coffee plantations are located at an altitude range of 800 to 1400 mass. This region has produced an extremely high percentage of CeE winners and produces nearly 25% of the total coffee production in the country. Primarily Villalobos and Villa Sarchi varieties are found here.