About Cafeli Company

To help small Costa Rican coffee farmers by:

  • Placing their coffee for a better price in markets around the world.
  • Providing affordable roasting services.
  • Providing affordable coffee processing equipment

Cafeli Maquinarias was founded by Heriberto Linares in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico over 25 years ago, manufacturing equipment for all aspects of coffee processing.

In 2014, Benoit Berho began representing Cafeli in the United States, presenting roasters especially in the Pacific Northwest, and in the coffee producing regions of South America.

In 2017, Cafeli Roasters Costa Rica was established in the Province of Cartago, Costa Rica by partners Benoit Berho and Mario Miranda, with well-known barista and taster Josue Hernandez.

Through the years Cafeli has concerned itself with continuous improvement in manufacturing equipment for all stages of coffee processing. The experience we have gained in over 25 years commits us to strive to offer a product line in which you can trust and feel satisfied with any purchase.

Our commitment is to make your purchase decision the most profitable possible for you, providing you the service and cooperation you deserve.

Currently our product line allows us to meet any need for equipment related to the coffee processing. Among the equipment we manufacture or import is: pre-dryers, multiple ovens, dryers, peelers, sorters, pneumatic, density measurers, roasters, grinders and tasting lab equipment, as well as a wide range of equipment, for handling, transport and storage of beans at any stage of the process. Our equipment is inspected and tested before leaving our center to assure its delivery in perfect condition.

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